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KD Mask Spray & Sanitizer


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Twin bottles in a muslin drawstring bag with a brochure and how to use card included. 

Enriched mask Sanitiser - for daily use. face mask spray to kill the bacteria and save
irritated skin.

How to use: Spray a maximum of 2 times on the interior of the mask to sanitise and remove bacteria. Allow a few moments to dry (allow the alcohol to evaporate) or wave it around to speed up the process.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, alcohol, lemongrass, lavender, tea tree

Enriched Uplift Mask Spray - for daily use and gives a great smelling mask.

Ingredients: aqua, peppermint, citrus (lime, orange, lemon) oils, rosemary

How to use: Spray 1 – 2 times on the inside of your mask to give it an uplift smell with essential oils then allow a few moments to dry or wave it around to speed up the process.

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