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Raw Nature I Dry shampoo for dark or light hair

Raw Nature

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Hair colour

A healthy natural way to quickly fix unwashed hair. Transforming greasy, dull hair into fresh-looking and gorgeously scented hair that has volume and bounce. No-one will know you're in between washes!
Kaolin Clay is the hardworking powerhouse in this formula as it is light and highly absorbent. It works by soaking up excess oil, dirt and debris from the scalp. Making hair feel clean and voluminous.
Tapioca Powder absorbs up to 150% of its own weight in sweat and oil.
NZ Mānuka Oil nourishes the scalp and prevents it from drying out. It also restores the balance of oil production on the scalp helping with any flakiness.
Scented with lavender and rose. Suitable for all hair colours and types.
Note: Despite its name, Dry Shampoo is not a cleanser like regular shampoo as there is no water needed. 

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