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Strapsicle (e-reader accessory) straps, small size. 5 colours



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Strapscile is the perfect gift for mum's with Kindles... Mother's Day sorted!

The world's most comfortable e-reader accessory. Each set comes with two different straps, to use left or right-handed. They slip on and off in seconds and leave no residue. 

Soft, high-quality silicone, special anti-dust coating 

Read in comfort for hours, no more hand cramps, no more dropped devices 

Fits most SMALLER Kindles and Kobos - check sizing on the Strapsicle website.

Easy to fit - just look inside top corner of each strap (it says left or right). One goes on top left corner (and slips diagonally onto the bottom right corner) and the other sits on the top right corner and goes to the bottom left corner. You can put both on or just one. Putting both on ensures all four corners are protected.

For help attaching, scan the code on their website to watch a video 

SKU: 10000-328 TAGS: kindle, kobo, e-straps

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